A unique Green Screen experience

Green Screen Submarine is an alternative to a green screen photobooth that puts people into pictures of incredible places using custom technology. It is an open and engaging experience that others can watch while photographs are being taken.

It has been designed for businesses, brands and organisations, and uses a customisable web app that allows their own imagery and branding to be used within the resulting pictures.

Once the images have been created they can be emailed to the participant directly, or saved for distribution later through the client.

It is the ideal alternative to a green screen photobooth for PR events, corporate events, or educational activities.

Hiring Green Screen Submarine

If you’re interested in hiring Green Screen Submarine for your event contact ahoy@greenscreensubmarine.co.uk for a quote.

A space of approximately 4x4m is required for the best setup possible, as well as access to electricity and a reliable wi-fi connection.

Green Screen Submarine will prepare any images customers want to use for backgrounds at their events, or can prepare custom backgrounds for an extra fee. If supplying their own images customers must be the copyright holder or possess the proper permissions.

History of the Green Screen Submarine

Green Screen Submarine started as a volunteer project at Exeter’s Royal Albert Museum & Art Gallery, co-created by Anthony Price and Mark Jones, using Photoshop actions to produce the green screen effect and automate the process as much as possible.

Years later Mark was asked if the activity could be used to create double the amount of images of people in fantastic places, in half the time. Mark’s solution was to create a customised web-app that would boil the process down to a couple of clicks and enable the participants to instantly receive their images via email.

Green Screen Submarine was the result, the aim to not only create a fun activity that could be used at a wide range of events, but also to create a unique and memorable experience.

Now Mark runs the activity independently, offering a fun and engaging experience that produces a quality souvenir of events. All background images are carefully chosen to produce the most convincing pictures possible.

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