Although many colours could be use to combine pictures of people with backgrounds of incredible places, green is the colour that most people associate with the special effect technique. Blue is just as common in the movie industry but most people call the process for compositing images by removing a solid-coloured background green screening (maybe because blue screening doesn’t rhyme).

But how does it work exactly? In this blog we’ll take a look at how Green Screen Submarine uses a Green Screen to take people on a virtual voyage into a location of their choice.

The Screen

To achieve the best green screen effect Green Screen Submarine uses a screen that’s roughly 2m x 3m big, though a smaller screen is available for smaller venues. The screen is lit using two bright LED spotlights. It’s important to light the screen correctly so the colour of green is consistent when photographed. If natural lighting is used the results can be inconsistent and the Green Screen Submarine app will find it difficult to remove all of the green background.

Visitors stand roughly 50cm in front of the screen, so they don’t cast a shadow – if a shadow is cast this will be seen on the finished image.

Once everyone is standing in the right spot and the photograph is taken, the green screen’s job is done and it’s over to the green screen controls to process the image.

The Green Screen Controls

Green Screen Submarine uses its own custom web app to process the pictures. This allows visitors to get their images instantly via email and for the client hiring the experience to have the final images branded with their own logo.

The app analyses the colours in the image and if the colour of green is consistent across the screen then all the green will be removed from the background of the picture. If the green is inconsistent then there will be some places where the background hasn’t been removed completely.

At this point the app can be adjusted to fine-tune the tolerance of the shade of green that is being removed, or if there is too much variation in color the picture will be retaken.

Once the green is removed the visitor can select their background. The chosen background is automatically placed behind the subject. If there is branding or a logo associated with the event this is added. There’s also the option of adding a black and white filter to the image if it suits the event’s theme.

The Finished Picture

Once the visitor is happy with their picture it is saved and emailed to them – and Wi-Fi willing it should arrive immediately. Visitors are then encouraged to share their image via social media, which will appear on the Social Stream page once shared by the Green Screen Submarine social media accounts.

Hopefully that’s given you some insight into how Green Screen Submarine works. Is you’re interesting in hiring us for an event please contact and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

You can follow Green Screen Submarine on Twitter @GreenScreenSub or on Facebook at /GreenScreenSubmarine.

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